Pavilion of dream terraces

Vietnam is one of the wet rice civilization’s cradles – the civilization that based on the cultivation on the terraces field to take shape.

The wet rice civilization played the role of forming the community’s settlement and settled agriculture and immaterial culture achievement, which is the neighborhood culture.

Concept of the design:

Mixing Settlement and Settled agriculture to create the future’s space – the space where Settlement and Settled agriculture include each other.

  • Solution: Symbolic image – Simple installation – Low cost.


  • The building is created from steel structure frames (which have a numerous of modules – longest one is 7.5m) that are connected by simple joins or overlapping. The steel structure frames are covered by miscellaneous wood which is salvaged to reduce the cost. The structure has multiple functions: force resistance, planter, space for exhibits/furnishings, technical use – water/electricity supply/escape.
  • The field covering the building helps conditioning the microclimate, provides food and creates the symbolic image (the mixing of the terraces field and the traditional house’s roof) for both interior and exterior.
  • The building seems to grow from the ground, the steep of the volume helps making good views from all approaching directions.
  • The concept is hoped to be a good suggestion for the development of agriculture in the future while the farming area is being reduced due to the uncontrolled urbanization.
  • The multiplication of the “field” inside the urban is a guarantee for the energy of the future life. The complex between Agriculture and Architecture is the base for the sustainable development.!