Duc Tho district of Ha Tinh province is known as an area prone to natural disasters and climate change consequences. Extreme weather events and shortage of space essential to its community have, in fact, threatened lives and activities of the people in the locality.

Located next to Duc Tho stadium closed for nearly ten years due to damages, Re-ainbow is a multifunctional construction project for community built of both “static” and “dynamic” categories. “Static” categories include health station, public restrooms and ancillary areas. Around the central garden is the “dynamic” categories featuring classroom, art performance theater, meeting place, sports fitness center, refreshment tent, which possess multiple functions with the use of movable partition walls and enclosing walls according to their respective needs. Outside this works are areas for physical training such as volleyball, badminton, long jump, and other outdoor activities as well.


The aim of the project is to help improve public capability to adapt and respond to climate change via re-use of waste items and efficient use of energy. A collection and reuse of a variety of old/ broken construction materials such as scaffolding steel pipes, sheet metals, bricks, ashlars, bathroom ware, tables and chairs,…with the local people’s involvement in manual construction are proposed in order to create a structure secure enough to stand heavy storms. Ventilation and natural lighting are also dealt with efficiently. Solar energy is converted into electricity for lighting facilities and heating water for daily use. Rain water and used water are also utilized.


Re-ainbow reflects the image of a rainbow as to the inspiration of various colors emphasizing the equal value of each. It is, at the same time, intended to improve social awareness of the diversity in identity and the legitimacy of the pursuit of equality of each individual in the society in shaping and developing new rural model in Vietnam currently.


By Location Duc Tho, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam
Status Completed
Year completed 2015

Doan Thanh Ha , Tran Ngoc Phuong, Chu Kim Thinh, Chu Van Dong, Nguyen Hai Hue, Hoang Huu Nam.