SES Space

The SES (Space to Emergency Services) space can contain in itself emergency services needed for a flexible multi-purpose use and proactively responds to Disaster - Pandemic (natural disaster, Covid-19...), which is built from the perspective of available materials, quick installation and low cost.

From a reusable steel pipe (42mm in diameter, 6m long) easily found in a lot of construction sites in present urban areas or in the market, steel pipes are simply joined with one another by swivel coupler to create a strong house frame.

The house space is divided into two floors for use with its basement ground being elevated to 30cm to avoid flooding and to place technical pipe. The roof is equipped with whirlybirds (whirligigs, wind turbines) to bring in fresh air and prevent polluted air from escaping when needed and thus to turn into negative pressure isolation rooms which reduces the risks of spreading diseases (polluted air will be disposed of by using a separate ventilation system).

Enclosures - dividers (floors, walls, partitions, roofs, staircases, functional rooms, WC and bathroom units) are materials used as to available (common) sizes: wooden panels from construction sites are reused as floor; polycarbonate panels (6m long x 1m wide) as walls (corrugated panels) and partitions (flat panels); nylon sheets as curtain; three-layer corrugated iron sheets against heat (6m long x 1m wide) as roof; cables to anchor the frame; …In addition, subject to internal use purposes (emergencyshelter in case of natural disasters or field hospitals), window systems can be alternated, with stairs and toilets being made available and easily assembled into the frame.

SES Spaces can be flexibly assembled to suit different terrains in different areas and quickly combined into a 500-bed (6m2 / bed) field hospital that fits perfectly into a football pitch (standard size: 105m long, 68m wide) located in most urban areas.

Area 504 m2

Doan Thanh Ha , Luong Thi Ngoc Lan